Magnesium is a fairly large family

Hi staff or good people on Huel out there : )

I’ve been searching for information about the magnesium used in Huel since I just found out that magnesium isn’t just magnesium, like proteins isn’t just proteins… Its an entire family with “good and bad” members, depending on view and need! I haven’t be able to find the information so I’m wondering what type are included in Huel since all labels just say “Magnesium”?

As I have been eating a lot of the “wrong” magnesium trying to help my nervous system and stress, it would be fantastic to have some more detailed information about what i might have gotten from the Huel I’ve been drinking for years : )

My best

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Hey @Kasper - welcome to the US Huel Forum! :slight_smile:

The magnesium in Huel products actually comes 100% from the food ingredients themselves. There’s none added in the vitamin and mineral blend. See here for a bit more on this: Essential vitamins and minerals in Huel

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Thank you for the answer Charlotte, that makes sense in it self!

Is there any micro nutrition break down of Huel powder available that really dissect your product for a neardy time?

Guess i can look up the different food related components and get a deeper picture from that : )

Thanks again!

Of course! :slight_smile: Happy it was able to help.

We have a page on the ingredients in Huel powder (v3.0) and how it’s made (see here) and we also have a page on the nutrition of each product, if you haven’t seen them already. I’d be happy to send along if you haven’t! Which Huel powder?

Though, I will also note that the vitamins and minerals page I sent in the last message is the most in depth on the topic.

I think this would be a great way to do it too!