How long can a shake stay in the fridge before eating?

Due to having some things to take care of out of town, my few shakes have been in the fridge for 4 days; are they still ok to eat? I really hope so because I’m currently eating one lol, but I figured I’d ask. Thanks in advance!


:laughing: dude, I think they’re only good for like 24 hours after mixed. Pretty sure I read that somewhere. I’ll look again.

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So how’d it go?

I’m guessing you have a strong enough immune system that you have eaten plenty of questionable “I’ll post to a forum to find out of it’s ok” items. :slight_smile: if your nose didn’t detect the usual funk of passed the mark, you’ll be fine amirite?

I’m curious if that 24 hour advice is due to general freshness of flavor profile, or the loss of nutritive value on fragile ingredients, or (i think is most likely) that Huel is really good nutrition for bacteria too - so any in your kitchen or inside the container gets a big boost to growth when exposed to all that yummy Huel - and of course nobody wants to drink a random bacteria culture.

For the record, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist and have no authority to speak to why Huel suggests expiration times. I speculate based on a pharmacist explaining the rationale for IV nutrition in syringes is only allowed to run for 12 hours because of potential bacterial growth.

Anyway… I hope you are well. If any worse for wear, perhaps wiser for the experience. :slight_smile:

Well I ate it and will be downing the other one in the morning lol. Other than being superb thick, I’ve yet to feel any significant issues, so fingers crossed. Appreciate the advice


HE LIVES!! lol glad to see you survived.


Hi all

The 24 hours point is a guide as sensory-wise, we don’t feel Huel is so great after that; plus after a long time it can seperate. There may be some nutrient losses of the more labile micronutrients too.