Macro recommendation

I think it would be beneficial to have an option to change the macros for carbs/fat/protein. Personally, I prefer to have a 20/40/40 split where fat/protein are each around 40% of the daily macros.

You could always add some vegan protein powder and some kind of fat, like flax, to get the ratios you want. Or add a separate meal with more fat and protein so your total daily macros are what you want.

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Adding the protein powder is a great idea… it’s so simple too lol I should have probably thought of that.

adding natural peanut butter (a lot of fat and some protein) will also do this. I tip a little walnut or sunflower oil into my huel to increase the fat content sometimes.

I’m going to do the protein powder and then take a look at the fat content in fish oil to see if it’s enough to bring up the macros to my desired ratios.

Thanks for the tips though!

I used to try to make all kinds of high protein snacks because I was trying to get more protein in my diet. I experimented with muffins and cookies made with chickpea flour and protein powders, and I could never get anything that I really liked. Finally, my son said “why don’t you just have 1 regular cookie, and have a protein shake with it”. It was the same kind of “wow, why didn’t I think of that” moment.

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Haha yea. Sometimes it takes a third party to point out something we would think is common sense :smiley:

The only issue will be the taste factor. Most fish oil is consumed in capsules to hide the taste. To me, nut oils, sunflower oil, coconut oil, and the fat/oil from peanut butter or cashew butter is better tasting with Huel than fish oil.

Oh yea, I would take it in pill form if the pills were enough. Right now I’m adding 300 calories worth of protein, we’ll start with that and see how it goes.