Mac OS Safari Firefox Order Change

I got a nice reminder email today that my upcoming order of Huel was supposed to go in on the 26th of October and I decided I wanted to get it going earlier, like today. So I went out on the web on my MacBook with Firefox and tried to make the change to the Charge Date and/or the frequency of order. Neither field responded when I clicked on the link, so I went and tried it with Safari and got the same results.

Next I went onto your site on my mobile phone (Safari on iOS) and was able to change both. It appears that the drop down boxes are not available or are not showing up on mac.

Charge date: 10/25
Frequency: 4 weeks

Since I was able to get the order changed, I’m not having an emergency or a crisis. I just thought you should put it on your list of web bugs to fix in your spare time.


Hi Dan, thanks for letting us know! If you don’t mind, I’d like to get a little more details from you so we can look into this further. Are your firefox and safari browsers up-to-date? Are there any ad blockers and/or plug-ins/add-ons that could have contributed to this? We appreciate your help!

OS X 10.11.6

Firefox 62.0.3

Safari 11.1.2

I have the uBlock Origin ad Blocker installed on FF

Safari has no extensions or add-ons.



Thanks for sharing the deets, Dan! I’ll pass this along to our IT team and have them check it out. :+1:

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve been doing IT work for 34 years. You get a lot of negative feedback in this industry.