Low appetite/repulsed

I’ve been drinking Huel regularly, daily, for nearly 4 months and lately, as in the last 2 weeks, I can’t eat it anymore. Or anything, for that matter. Every work day, Monday through Friday, I drink Huel at lunch (7-7:30 PM) and drink it at 12/1 PM on Saturday and Sunday when I wake up. Lately I’ve been having such a low appetite that I can’t even finish a 2 scoop/16 ounce shake - I leave half. It isn’t just the shake, I’ve been on a diet for 6 months and always had a healthy appetite, I could (and did) eat a whole pizza just as easily as I could down a shake, although I refrained from doing so except once a month on cheat days. Due to the high activity of my work which includes a lot of heavy manual labor, I’ve upped my caloric intake and I’ve been keeping it around 2,000 calories now, up from 1,300 calories 45 days ago. To clarify, the caloric increase isn’t recent - I’ve been on 2,000 calories (or at least, trying) for 45 days. Yesterday I tried to make a shake, but I was immediately repulsed when I opened the bag and couldn’t stomach making a shake. I bought a small container of fruit (mixed berries, 2 cups) and was only able to eat half of it during lunch before I just couldn’t eat anymore. I tried to eat dinner, thinking maybe I was just tired of Huel, and got fried chicken and macaroni and cheese - my favorites! And I couldn’t eat them, I ate maybe 1/4 cup of macaroni and one chicken leg before I just couldn’t stand to eat. Today, at the time of writing this, it’s 4PM and I could only stand to eat half a slice of my favorite pizza. I’ve noticed a severe reduction in appetite these last 2 weeks, but today I feel at an all time low in that I just can’t eat. I’ve lost 18lbs within the last 45 days, and I want to continue losing weight, but not through starvation. I called off work today because I feel dizzy and faint, which I don’t want to risk in my workplace where it could be dangerous, especially paired with my epilepsy. The only constant in my diet these past months is Huel, although 3 weeks ago I did start a higher stress, even more physically demanding job - meaning I need those calories more now than ever. But I just can’t stomach anything. If it’s stress induced, I can’t change that - I’ve tried to change back to my line, but because I’m filling in for someone who has gone on vacation for 4 weeks, I still have 2 weeks left in this position. I don’t know what to do, and frankly I’ve never been in this position and would really appreciate the help of the community. I love the ease and nutrition of Huel… but I’m currently repulsed by it and can’t force myself to eat anything.

I hope this isn’t heresy, but now how about trying something like the RTD Soylent. It’s a lot less like eating, and more like drinking. That’s why I don’t like it. But as a temporary measure, it would at least get you some calories and basic nutrition. The RTD is available at Walmart and some other stores, though it’s looking like it won’t be in retail locations for long.

Have you gotten your annual physical test done?

Thank you, I’ll check Soylent out! I can drink much easier than I can eat, but there aren’t many drinks out there that contain the nutrition I need with the calories necessary - so Soylent could definitely be a more available option considering I only need it for a brief period and it’s more accessible and cheaper. Might be heresy, but Huel RTD isn’t sold a 5 minute drive away from my house for $3-4 :woman_shrugging:

In regard to my annual physical, I had it done 2 months ago and had no issues, but I’m definitely considering going to the clinic if this keeps up. I have the feeling it’s a symptom caused by stress or anxiety, unfortunately

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I hope it settles down quickly for you. Do what you can to take care of yourself. I know how it can feel to be trapped in a high stress job.

When you go to try food, have you done a “cleaner” menu, like baked fish, green vegetable, sweet potato and some olive oil or something like that? Maybe your body is craving food but not junkier food anymore? Fried can be a lot when you haven’t been eating it and fatty things like pizza, fried chicken…I realize you said you have a physical job and can burn the heavier stuff but your body might still like some “love”? Good luck, I pray you are good soon.

Thank you kindly for you concerns and your prayers - I appreciate them! I should update the thread though, my lack of appetite wasn’t Huel related, but rather stress that progressed to anxiety. I’m taking daily medication for it now and I added the addition of a lunch date with a coworker every Tuesday to help break up the monotony and give me something to look forward to. I’m still in this position for 7 more business days, but I’m finding little things to add to the days to help them pass by easier. I’m currently in my lunch break and enjoying Huel =) understandably, my appetite isn’t going to fully return from one day to the next, but you’re right - I should include some more natural foods into my diet, thank you!

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If you are experiencing reduced appetite for more than a few days, you should probably see your doctor. A lot of people try to diagnose themselves and sometimes they are right but it is not always a good idea. E.g. I have a friend who felt ill after eating mushrooms a couple of times and decided she has an allergy to all mushrooms. I looked this up and it turns out she is probably wrong - but she likes her self-diagnosis and sticks to it. Your problem could be related to stress/anxiety, but not necessarily. Good luck.