Low Carb Huel Hacks (80% Protein Isolate) Where to find?

So, I went to Walmart & didn’t see any “80% isolate protein”. Not sure if the packaging just doesn’t specify or what, Though I did see “100%” isolate protein. What’s the difference? Why do some not specify the percentage? What kind is best?

Budget friendly is definitely nice. I’ve heard whey is the best, & whey is the cheapest & worst…
Thoughts / suggestions / help?

Low Carb Huel Hacks

We have come up with two simple recipes for Huel to suit Huelers who wish to adjust their Huel intake to suit different requirements. Both are based on a carb level of around 20% of total energy and both just require a blender and the following ingredients:

  • Huel - Flavored or Unflavored & Unsweetened
  • Desiccated coconut - can be purchased online or at any grocery store
  • A high quality 80% protein isolate powder - for example a pea protein isolate available from a number of online sports supplement retailers
  • (Optional) Huel Flavor Boosts

Please bear in mind that these Huel hacks have only been designed to meet macronutrient requirements. Whilst the recipes will still contain good amounts of the vitamins and minerals from Huel, requirements will not be met at 2,000 calories like if you were consuming Huel alone, so these recipes should only form part of your daily diet.

It’s also important to note, that these recipes are only approximations and the amount of each macronutrient provided may vary a little depending on the ingredients you use. But they are a useful guide.

Different topics here…

#1. 80% is usually the protein concentration in the powder. So, pea protein isolate 80% is 80g of protein per 100g (the rest is usually fats and cabs). So in theory 100% is more pure, has less carbs (seeing how you looking to low carb) and it is more expensive (because it requires more processing).

#2 You will see that there are different types of protein: isolated, concentrated, hydrolized. These are protein extraction/“creation” methods. I think for you either would work fine.

#3 Whey is absolutely fine. Whey is one of the most researched protein sources, with multiple benefits; has a complete amino acid profile; and scores highly in different ranking methods (PDCAAS, biological value, net protein utilization etc). Only issue here might be that it is not a vegan source. that is why the original recipe recommends pea protein isolate. Arguably, whey is superior to pea.

#4 Why not specify the %? I think it is related to the higher the number= the better the quality (most of the time); so they will try to “hide” the fact that they are not 100% protein (even if the most popular are usually 80%).

I personally shop protein online; because it tends to have better value and you have much more variety than at the shops.

I personally use MyProtein.com, but there are plenty of other manufacturers out there (ONprotein, BSN, etc).