Huel 1.1 With old Scoop/Shaker

Just got my first shipment of Huel 1.1 and received the new bigger scoop and tinted shaker. Very easy to use with the new equipment, but the old shakers have ML not OZ. I can convert OZ to ML no problem and mark the old shaker no problem. However, the old scoop is smaller so how do I measure the correct amount of Huel 1.1 with the old scoop?

basically the old scoop with V1.0 was about 150 cal per scoop. the new bigger scoop with V1.1 is about 200 cal per scoop.

Old scoop was about 3 scoops per serving while the new scoop is about 2 scoops per serving. Serving size has also changed. With V1.0 serving size was about 450 cal and now with V1.1 the serving size is 400 cal.

Hope this helps.


Can we use old scoop for new orders ? I mean new version can be taken in 450 cal per meal right ?

You can really make the shake any calorie size you want, @sambizoomin. Some people only used two of the old scoops with v1.0. Others would use 4 or somewhere in between. Really up to you how many calories you want per meal. I don’t plan to change the number of scoops I use but I use a metal 1/3 cup scoop.


New scoop = 2 scoops for 100g so the new scoop is 50g. Old scoop = 3 scoops for about 100g so the old scoop is close to 33g.

Using that logic, 3 olds scoops will be close to 2 new scoops.

Keep in mind - Huel 1.0 was about 450 cal per 100g and Huel 1.1 is about 400 cal per 100g. So adjust the number of scoops you are using according to how many calories you want to be taking in.

Hope this helps.

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actually, As per old scoop size, 3 scoops = 127g = 500 calories, whereas here 2 new scoops = 100g = 400 calories…so as per my understanding…Even if we use 3 old scoops for version 1.1 it will be same as 500 calories.


I was thinking of ordering a new shaker. How will the new shaker be different? Is the lid or anything different?

true that, I’m using old scoops.

no change in shaker, its same as old one


You’re right. My mistake.