Let’s talk cleanup

One of the under-mentioned things I find about Huel is easy cleanup in contrast to powders I’ve used in the past. I take it on the road—throwing 180g (shaker included) in my bag, and counting on finding the water in an office or along the day’s journey. When I’m done, I rinse out the shaker—a little vigorous shaking with hot tap water—pat it dry and back in the bag. With other powders, I could never avoid the foul smell and residue that was left behind unless I had soapy water to wash up in. The rinse-clean property of Huel is an extra tick in trying to simplify my life. Greatly appreciated.


I lost one of my shakers for about two weeks, and then I found it again. When it was time to wash it out, I thought, the smell is going to be really bad, but it smelled mildly pungent, but not really terrible.

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Where those “other powders” protein powders or full meals?

Asking because I have observed something maybe related. For the last year I used SuperBodyFuel Athlete, a Huel alternative (which ships to Australia, unlike Huel). It’s carbs/proteins/fat ratio is like Huel. The cleanup of any container was easy, just like I remembered with Huel. BUT, just recently I started trying SBF Keto, which of course is much heavier on protein and fat. And the shaker and jar I use are requiring heavier cleaning/scrubbing than with the non-Keto version…

They sold as meal replacements but were protein heavy. It may just be a property of whey-based formulation that stinks up the cup. But the diff with Huel is appreciated all the same.

Agree 100%. Typical protein shakes smell really bad if any residue is left in the shaker before clean up. Definitely a pleasant aspect of Huel.