Improvement Ideas

I have not read through each and every topic, so there is a potential that things have already been addressed. I have a couple of things that I was wondering if a) Huel is looking into or b) has already been addressed in previous thread posts.

  1. Does anyone else have the issue with their shaker bottle where some Huel gets clogged into the small plastic insert? This happens to mine, and when I’m traveling it’s VERY difficult to remove this from the center of the insert.

  2. Have you ever considered putting a green’s formula into a powder to make an epic nutrition-dense super shake? I’ve been consuming Athletic Greens ( for YEARS (after I read Tim Ferriss’ “4-Hour Body”), and I add them to my morning shakes so that I only need to drink one shake.

Does anyone else have anything they’d like to add?


$77 a month for AG? yikessss!

There’s other green powders I’ve used that are very similar for a fraction of the cost. How much more nutrition can you jam into these shakes? Lol

Thanks for your thoughts Adam!

Are you talking about when mixing? If so topping up with water after you’ve added the powder can help this.

If it’s after you’ve finished your Huel it’s best to give your shaker a quick rinse with water. I know this isn’t always possible but eventually any leftover Huel will dry making it more difficult to clean.

I’m really not a fan of these green powders, it’s a lot of woo and marketing but not much substance. Huel contains phytonutrients from the main ingredients such as flaxseed and a few are added to the vitamin and mineral blend. The other ingredients such as ashwagandha don’t have much evidence for their benefits, we looked into a lot of these ingredients when deciding on the new v3.0 formula and most of them didn’t make the cut.


I promise you, I clean my shaker; and I know how to use one. In the middle of my plastic shaker insert there is a small hole (likely created during fabrication), and this small hole gets clogged up with mixed-up Huel. In general, I have switched to my shaker bottles because this is not an issue with the small blender ball. This was just a thought on design because I’ve thrown my Huel bottle away in favor of shaker cups that clean completely without the requirement of a dental instrument or the use of my WaterPik to fully clean.

That doesn’t sound right at all. I will tag @Domenique_Huel so she can get a new Huel shaker out to you ASAP if you’d like one?

I know what you’re talking about @adamhofmann11. I had the same problem with my first Huel shaker and would have to use a pushpin or something like that to clean it out. My two most recent Huel shakers do not have that little hole.

@Dan_Huel there was a very small hole directly under the little handle on the ice screen that appeared to never be filled in. Almost like it was hollowed out from the underside.

That sounds like a design flaw which shouldn’t have happened. Sorry Kristopher. Again @Domenique_Huel will be able to help you get a new one.

@Dan_Huel @Domenique_Huel, no need to send me a new one. I have two newer ones that I use now that do not have that flaw. I’m good now. Thanks for the offer though!