Late shipping getting old


Huel needs to look into hiring additional staff and correct the wording on the website. The lack of communication is being mentioned up and down these forums.

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I think someone suggested this before, but it’s worth re-stating:

A lot of these issues will be cleared up if Huel fulfillment team stops showing a tracking number on merely generating a label. Only notify customers of tracking number once the package is at the pickup facility and starting it’s journey.


I have gotten around ordering from them and getting mine from It’s faster, especially if you have prime shipping. They don’t carry the flavor packs last time I checked, but if you are just ordering your vanilla powder it arrives a lot faster.

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Agreed. Not that much of a discount ordering 8 bags like I’ve done in the past. Order 2 bags at a time off Amazon and get it in a day or two works for me.

I hope this didn’t happen to me
I placed an order today that shows shipping label created as of 200pm est
Looking forward to the subscription

Expect the package to actually be delivered to FedEx by the 26 or 27th. It usually takes a day or two after the shipping label is created till the box is actually at their local FedEx facility. Then, it’s another 2 to 3 days of shipping till it arrives at your house. Just check the link to the actual tracking.

In short, a generated label does not mean it has shipped out. It just means a label printed.

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Yes looks like tomorrow I be in Huel Heaven lol
It only took one day and customer service has been outstanding

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I agree that huel needs to get better in this area. If you are holding an order due to an item on back order, you need to notify the customer. Complete silence is not good. My issues have thus far been resolved but accurate communication and consistency are the keys to success. I hope you guys over at huel are taking this to heart. The product is great.

We have and as a growing startup, we are constantly evolving and improving, with a major focus on enhancing the overall customer experience. We have added a fulfillment center for quicker shipping, grown our team, and improved software and tools we use to be able to better serve our Huelers. It doesn’t stop there and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes as well. Always appreciative of constructive criticism!


It must be in your area. I have only had a problem with one order so far and that was when a lot of packages were getting lost in things right after Thanksgiving. Other than that, I have not had any problems, and the company was actually able to help me get it resolved. My shipping has always been very fast. I just ordered a flavor boost like two days ago, and it is already here. Came so fast. It was even faster than Amazon. I don’t know if I live by a warehouse or something, but it was like Bam. It is here. I was expecting it to take maybe 10 days or so to get here because I thought it would take a few days for them to fill the order, and then a few more days for it to come. I have all of these berries that I am trying to get through. I thought they would be a good flavor, but sadly, I have to use over 2 cups of berries before I can even taste anything. It is really annoying, and not as good as I had hoped, so I ordered the flavor boost, thinking that I would just get through the berries first and by that time it would be here, but it is already here now waiting for me and I have not even gotten through the berries yet. I could just eat the berries on their own, but they are frozen and my teeth are sensitive to cold, and when you thought frozen berries, they don’t taste as good anymore on their own. They do take up a lot of room in my freezer. I thought it would be a good idea. I did not know that the berry flavor was going to be announced soon, and I really wanted Barry, so I thought I would just make my own flavor out of actual berries, and it does taste pretty good once I use a ton of berries, but it is really annoying, and really expensive. Plus it’s stains. And it adds more calories. I think these flavor boosters are more what I need. I am just going to flavor an entire bag at a time. I calculated it out, and if I knew about one scoop of flavor booster for an entire pouch of Huel, The ratio will be correct. I have some vanilla that I really need to get through, but I’m getting so tired of vanilla, and I’m getting tired of having to come up with my own flavors. I just got my new order in right before they announced the new flavors and I did not know that would happen. Yeah, my shipping has been great. I don’t know where you are like whether you are in the United States or in Europe, but in the United States where I am, the shipping has been good even when it has snowed or there has been difficult weather.