Getting frustrated by delivery promises on Flavor Boost

Placed my first order for two bags of Huel and a Chocolate Flavor boost on April 28. Order was shipped out on the 30th… not same day, but okay. On May 1st, I get a notification that the Flavor boost is delayed (even though it was listed as shipped in the shipping notification) and that they expect to ship it separately within the next 5 business days.

On May 6, I request for an update on shipping status and on the 7th I get a reply back with a canned answer from Sothan that I can expect to receive a separate shipment within the next 3-5 business days… but there is no tracking number… and still, on May 9, there is no tracking number. So, how could I expect to receive a shipment in that time if it hasn’t been shipped?

Very disappointed and questioning my switch from Soylent to Huel.

Dimitri Katsaros

P.S. For any of the staff listening in, my order number is 96919

Hi @Dimitri,

I’m sorry for any inconvenience with your first order. I’ve done my best to rally all the information I’ve been given from our team to you regarding the out of stock Flavor Boost situation.

I have provided an update via email and according to our fulfillment team, it may take up to three days for the tracking information to update through USPS.

A $9.00 refund has also been issued for the cost of the Flavor Boost.

Please let me know if you have further questions.


Thanks! Yes, I did get the tracking number from you on May 10. Not sure whether it’s a glitch on USPS’s end or your distribution center’s, but there’s still no tracking available. Given that the weekend has just passed, perhaps tomorrow will yield more info from USPS.


Hi Sothan,

Okay… so here we are at May 16th. Six days after the tracking number was generated. Please check with your distribution center in Fort Worth, TX since USPS says that they still don’t have my package.

Also, I do not see a refund on my online statement as of yet… can you double-check that as well?


Just an update… I now see the credit to my credit card and tracking of USPS shows that the just got it today from Huel distribution and the expected date of delivery is on May 21. Just in time, because I am almost out of my bag of vanilla and the unflavored, to my taste, needs flavoring. :slight_smile: