Huel + Nutribullet

Hi there,

Just ordered my first Huel, excited to try it out. I wondered whether anyone can offer some advice for a first-timer, and if you can use a Nurtibullet to mix Huel, either just with water or to add some flavor, fruit etc?

2 young children, no consistent sleep for pretty much four years as a result, and another baby on the way and its safe to say my weight has gone up and my general wellbeing, energy levels, enthusiasm has gone down :slight_smile: Lack of sleep leads to lazy food choices so I intend to use Huel for breakfast and lunch every day during the week as a first step to getting my health back as a priority.

Any advice on knowing the right quantities to use also appreciated


Nutribullet works really well. Also recommend mixing in advance and leaving it in the refrigerator for several hours/overnight to thicken.

I actually found that the shaker that came with my first order worked very well for removing lumps - if the US one is the same as the UK version, the shaker is one of the ones with a plastic grid in the lid that breaks up lumps as you shake. Far more effective than one of those metal shaker balls. Only real tips are make sure you put water in first, then Huel, otherwise it all gets stuck at the bottom. Also try to avoid letting the remains of your shake dry in the bottle/shaker. The oats tend to set like concrete, so always rinse out everything ASAP once you’ve finished your shake.

Quantities-wise, that’s really a trial and error thing. I like my shakes quite thick and gloopy, so I used less water than the directions suggested (I can’t remember how much exactly as it’s been so long since I had Huel in the UK), but you’ll soon find a ratio you like.


Thanks for your feedback, and yes, the U.S. shaker is the same as the U.K. shaker with the plastic grid in the lid, so customers in the U.S. should have the same experience.

UK Hueler of a couple of years here. Unless you want to blend in additional ingredients you don’t need a blender to mix the powder with the water. In my experience as long as you give it a proper shake you can’t actually tell when a blender has been used.

Regarding quantities, I find the 5:1 ratio works out fine. My Huel’s are 90g each with 450ml of water.

I don’t know what tap water is like in the US but it’s quite hit and miss here so I only use bottled water. For your first Huel I would recommend decent water, chilled with some ice cubes.

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