I've met my all time weight goal with heul

I’m not sure how I found this company (i think tiktok), but I am super glad I did.

For about 10 years, I’ve always seen the scale at over 200 lbs. The last 2 years, I tried keto and every time I would get close to my goal-- I would just break out of it because of how strict it is as well as how time consuming in the kitchen.

The last few months, I’ve been doing more and more research and after finding huel I bought whole bunch of hot and savory packs and only took 2 scoops a day. 1 scoop around lunch and 1 scoop at dinner. Which would serve as a side to some protein or eggs or something. The 1 scoop would make me full for quite some time which was a huge bonus compared to keto where I always felt like i was starving.

By taking 1 scoop a meal, I calculated that the meal packs would also last me a very long time due to how very cheap they are! When I did keto, I would be in the kitchen for about an hour. Where as with huel, I am in the kitchen max 15 minutes which is the biggest positive for me.

With that meal plan, I’m doing 16/8 fasting.

Although my weight goal is at 175lbs, though my all time was to be under 200 lbs as I always struggled to bring the 2 down to a 1.

I started huel last month, I was at 211 lbs, and this morning I am at 198 lbs.


Keep on crushing your goals @temeercat you got this :muscle:

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this is fantastic. I did keto a couple years ago, I lost over 80lbs, but since have gained it mostly back. Life happens. But I came to huel to help me change my eating, what I eat and be healthier… but also to assist in losing weight.