Another benefit of Huel!

I am an airline pilot and due to my dietary restrictions I have to take nearly all my food with me every trip along with stuff to cook with. As I was packing for a 4 day trip tomorrow I had to share these pictures.

All my food for a trip before Huel

All my food for a trip after Huel

How cool is that. Huel even saves my back from the strain of carrying all that junk with me.


This is great; time-saving too :slight_smile:
Happy flying!

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Wow, that’s so awesome! We’d love to see a pic of Huel amongst the clouds if you ever (safely) get the chance!

I’m actually working on that! I am flying out of SEA for two weeks starting next Tuesday and I hope to get a picture with me holding a Huel bottle with the Olympics or Mt. Rainer in the background for you guys. I just sent Tim a couple of pictures of my different aircraft.

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@Tim_Huel show me, show me!

@Av8tr Huel with a gorgeous Washington backdrop sounds like perfection to me! P.S. I run @huelusa, so be sure to tag us and use #huel, so I don’t miss it. :+1:

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Yeah, I’m not big on social media. I don’t have Facebook or anything like that but I am happy to send you guys pictures to use on your own social media.

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Messaged you with my contact info. :email::blush:

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