Is this a scam company?

I ordered 2 mixed box of 18 bars expecting to receive the same 18 bar box I got during my first order. Instead I received a USPS recovery box with two “We Care” apology bags saying the mail was damaged. In these two packages are the bars. The original address on the box had been marked out and a mailing label affixed to a piece of cardboard with my address had been taped onto this box.
I have never heard of a legitimate company doing anything like this. Basically, someone else’s shipment got damaged in the mail. The USPS sent that back to the shipper in their normal “Oops we are sorry” packaging. And the shipper cut up a box with my mailing label on it and taped that label to the USPS box and put it out in the mail to me.
Who knows what kind of damage was done. Who knows if they are contaminated now. Why would a legit company risk their customer and reputation by doing something like this to a customer? So, is this a real company or just someone sitting in their basement stuff they are ordering from the manufacturer? And to prove I am a real customer, my order number is 1119277-U.

In case you think waiting until Monday’s business hours for a reply is further evidence of scam, I think Huel legit has nothing to do with what happened during shipment.

I did temp work at a shipping distribution warehouse. I can tell you that things happen.

My assumption is that someone dropped the original box and it was too badly broken to just tape up, so whatever box was around and the “oops, sorry” was the best some warehouse dudes could do for it.

I’m sure when the Huel reps on this forum return to work they will contact you about this unfortunate experience. You might not have researched how many events have happened but I’ve seen many resolved to customer satisfaction

tl;dr Yes, Huel is a legit company. They’ll take care of you if you give them a chance.


That hasn’t happened to me. They will take care of you.

They are a great, responsive company. I’ve been ordering for years. I had one problem which was resolved generously. As mentioned, they aren’t around the forums on weekends, but be assured they will make it right.


The damage was done by the post office, they re-boxed your Huel and delivered it.

The fine folks at Huel had nothing to do with it, don’t blame them.


I concur, not a “scam” company at all; science and all of us have proven otherwise.

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Hey @LastDefense,
This is very odd! Did you place the order on our site?

Nope, not a scam. Never had a single problem.


Yes, it is a scam company. The USPS is an inefficient government-run monopoly. The problem with this scam company is that is has the full weight of the United States federal government protecting it from people who are unhappy with the horrific service it provides.

Huel, on the other hand, is GREAT.

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Yeah… This looks like a typical USPS screw up… As was said before USPS probably dropped, broke, soaked, did something to damage the original packaging. So they put the stuff in a new box, and cut the shipping label + cardboard off the old box and slapped it on the new one…

Huel is usually very responsive and easy to work with when dealing with issues, you can check my posting history but i had a issue where several bags of huel were outright missing from my order and no questions asked huel just sent me more.

On the flip side I have received packages from fedex/usps with huel that look like they are literally thrown off of a truck, then kicked to my front door.

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