Is Huel raw vegan?

I look periodically into raw veganism, as it’s a small trend. On, it shows the oats are heat treated. I heard that up to 118F is the most for raw food. I don’t need an exact number, but wondering if it’s above or below that to know what to say to people (any myself :)).

It’s a difficult one.

I guess it’s how strict someone is to the “raw” part.

The temperature is likely higher than 118F but that’s important to “release” the nutrition. Raw vegans argue that keeping everything raw means the nutritional value and what a person gets out of a food is at its best but that’s not always the case.


True! Crucifers, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. have toxins/lower bioavailability/concentration of nutrients. Soaking can release them/remove anti-nutrients (like oats for Huel) and dehydrating concentrates them too, so arguments against raw aren’t worries.

I get inflamed from cooked food, which raw heals, so I like learning and thank you for helping me. Air drying’s alright, but nothing in the sun, to avoid radiation, and not dehydrators (as it’s low-temperature cooking).

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