Huel Burger Nutrition

So I’ve been adding Huel to my vegan burger patties…still tinkering with it a bit, but have had good luck so far in terms of taste and texture. I’m curious about how the Huel nutrition holds up under the heat of a grill? Any thoughts? I read the FAQ online (copied below). I grill them on an open flame at 400 degrees. Would this be similar to baking in terms of nutrient loss or more like boiling water?

““When you heat Huel, carbohydrates remain unchanged. Proteins may change in structure upon heating, but this will not affect the amount of protein. Although some fats are prone to oxidation, ground flaxseeds have been shown to be much more stable than flaxseed oil. There may be losses of some of the more labile micronutrients when using boiling water (eg potassium, vitamin C, some B vitamins) because these micronutrients may partly leach into the water and be lost in evaporation. That being said, when baking to high temperatures there will much smaller losses as leaching and evaporation are much less of an issue.”

So as long as you aren’t cooking your Huel in boiling water or heating it to great temperatures, the nutritional content remains relatively unchanged.“

Yeah, the only real concern might be the loss of some of the vitamins/minerals. And since the RDA of most of these are far overestimated, we only need a fraction of the RDA anyway. So a loss is probably not significant to our bodies.

As far as macronutrients are concerned, it doesn’t usually matter if they are degraded by heat. The body cannot absorb foreign proteins and carbs in their native form. Our stomach acid and pancreatic enzymes eventually break them down into their building blocks, amino acids and glucose/fructose (or other monomer sugars) and absorbs those. Any heat degradation only helps. And I wouldn’t worry too much about heating fats. Fried foods and barbeque pork are heated real hot and have plenty of fat still left.

Just my opinion. I’m not a nutritionist. But I have eaten heated food most of my life and I’ve never lacked for nutrition. I’ve usually been “over-nutrition-ed” most of my life.

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Hi @HuelBrynner - great idea for a recipe.

That looks like one of my quotes from the past! In reality, nutrient losses will be minimal if you’re cooking in a covered environment. @Deron makes some good points

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