Cold Non-drink Huel Recipes?

Thinking of making my huel black as a cold porridge

I was wondering if yall had any good recipes for eating not drinking huel

I hear heating it up can ctrl alt delete some of its nutritional value?

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We’ve got some recipes here.

The overnight oat recipes probably fit your brief the best: and

When you heat Huel carbohydrates remain unchanged. Proteins may change in structure upon heating, but this will not affect the amount of protein. Although some fats are prone to oxidation, ground flaxseeds have been shown to be more stable than flaxseed oil. There may be losses of some of the more labile vitamins and minerals when using boiling water (e.g. potassium, vitamin C and some B-vitamins) because these micronutrients may partly leach into the water and be lost in evaporation. That being said, when baking to high temperatures there will be much smaller losses as leaching and evaporation are much less of an issue.

So as long as you aren’t cooking your Huel in boiling water or heating it to great temperatures, the nutritional content remains relatively unchanged.