I made a Huel v2.3 Siri shortcut so you don’t have to!

So I’ve made a Siri shortcut which lets you add all the nutritional data straight to HomeKit with water as well! It took a long time, but it’s totally worth it.

It adds all vitamins, which are available in the HomeKit. You just choose how many scoops you’ve added along with how much water. It gets you more data than you would using myfitnesspal.


*you need ‘shortcuts’ from the App Store.


Hey Kristian! I have to admit, I feel a little behind the times not knowing what a Siri shortcut is, but I assume this is pretty awesome! By any chance, is it made to work with the US 1.0 version as well?

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Hi Teresa!
The shortcut is a nice convenience since most popular food trackers seem to ignore all the vitamins when logging. So I took the time to make a script(the Siri shortcut) which then adds all the information and scales with the amount of scoops you add. I really like to have as much data as possible, this seemed to be the best way to do just that. Now unfortunately I based this shortcut on version 2.3. So I have no idea how much the numbers will be off when using 1.0 or if there’s the same amount of vitamins present, sorry.
Depending on how techy you are, I could send you a spreadsheet I made, which calculates servings pr. Scoop or cup based on the nutritional information in the package and the dial those numbers in instead, although the migt be a bit time consuming:)

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I’m going to have to leave the techy, spreadsheet job to a fellow Hueler, perhaps from the forum. I know they’re out there! :eyes:

Um yeah…


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Any idea how to remedy this?

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Do you have iOS 12 installed? The kink should be opening through shortcuts and not safari?

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Downloading Apple’s shortcuts did the trick. May want to add that step in your post.

Also - great program! My only suggestion is - anyway to add more than 2 permissions to Health at a time? I think I had to accept all data about 20 times. Other apps seem to have this down to 1 time for just about as many data points.


So I updated what I could for V1.0. I’m not sure how to change the name from 2.3 to 1.0 nor do I know how to add Choline to the choice of nutrients.

I also changed water’s measurement to oz for us US users.

Added it to the original post as suggested.

I don’t know if it’s possible at the moment to change permissions in bulk, I bet apple will update this in the future.

i was going to post three images that show what you have to do, to change the name. But i’m only allowed to post one image, which isn’t that helpful.

But basically you just click on the highlighted part here on this screen, it will take you to the next page, which has the option to change the name.

Meanwhile, I’m over here like…