Huel unflavored => ven pongal?

Does anyone know if Huel unflavored could be turned into a facsimile of ven pongal?

I used to work with a company with an office in Chennai so whenever I would visit the Chennai office the hotels always had ven pongal available for breakfast. It quickly turned into my favorite Indian breakfast food.

Ven pongal is a south Indian dish consisting of rice and moong dal cooked in a pressure cooker until the grains can be mashed, recipes often list the cooking times in the number of whistles from the pressure cooker. What really makes the dish for me is the tadka made with ghee, cashews, peppercorns, and curry leaves. Here is a recipe

Now THAT sounds delicious! Even tho I’ve never heard of most of those ingredients. :shushing_face:

I have not tried to make this yet so I cannot say for certain how it would be, but Huel Unflavored and Unsweetened v3.0 powder can definitely be used in various ways! As an example, on another forum thread, Huel “tots” were made with Unflavored and Unsweetened Huel v3.0 powder!

Let me know if you tried it out and how it went! :slight_smile: