Packaging suggestion

I would like to know if Huel has explored some of the packaging options out there to make the Hot & Savory products easier to handle/dispense and create less plastic waste.
I did a quick look online and found this website (below) that Huel could package as “2-scoop” packages… just throw it into a cup/bowl, add water and go. The packaging dissolves and is tasteless, so no more waste!

I’m sure there are lots of competitors, this was just the first one I found. I know I would appreciate this type of packaging, since the packets themselves could be shipped in plain, cardboard boxes (rather than the unrecyclable foil bag that the powder currently comes in.

Another bonus would be that Huel could control the product user’s experience much more thoroughly because the mix would be exactly as they want (rather than getting all powder at the bottom of the bag… lol).

Just a thought.

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That’d be awesome. Especially if they offered or did a beta for samples for testing.