Huel-to-Flour Ratio

I’ve been looking at Huel recipes to basically figure out a good ratio of Huel powder to flours when trying to make certain baked goods. The things I’m observing thus far are:

  • Huel alone does not a flour make, and I will need to mix with a flour
  • The ratio is different depending on recipe

Does anyone have general suggestions on a good ratio to start with when experimenting with recipes and if I should consider other bindings like xanthan gum? I’m intending to use Huel Black for my powder and probably almond flour (or another higher-protein-lower-carbohydrate alternative) as the flour.

I’m not adverse to wheat flours or other flours with carbohydrates, but the lesser overall carbs I put into the things I make the easier it is to incorporate into my specific meal plans. Worse case, I just use white/wheat flours and make smaller portions–which I’ll rationalize in my head that I get more servings of it to eat each time I make it.

Hey @sentamalin,
The biggest pro tip I have is to check out our recipes page for pro tips: Discover Huel Recipes | Huel

Also here is a helpful Huel tots recipe to check out: Huel Tots Recipe

Let us know if you have any further questions :blush:

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There’s so many variables (other ingredients, oven temps, etc.) I’d start with a 1/1 ratio and adjust accordingly. Only make xx small batches until you find the sweet spot.

I’ll be your guinea pig/taster if u need one. :mask: