Huel Taste taste test vanilla

i made my first huel but all i taste is oats i don’t taste any vanilla like 0% and i thought it was supposed to be sweet it’s like okish? wish it was a bit sweeter and tasted more like vanlla cause it just taste like semi sweet oats in my opinion

Vanilla Huel taste kinda “grows on you” after a few doses. You may need to give it a 3 day adjustment period before you properly evaluate.

A half or whole packet of stevia added to your dose may be helpful. It’s an easy addition. And a small bit of cinnamon is another option. If you have the Huel Chai flavor booster, that stuff is great with vanilla Huel and it has it’s own sweetening in it.

If you blend Huel, a real easy addition is frozen blueberries or a half/whole banana.

eh i guess but i personally didnt like it but i love chocolate one

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