Huel Black, Vanilla flavored, tastes like fish, unpallatable even with mixers

Hi all. About 6 months ago I was using V1.1 and I had a batch of vanilla that tasted like fish. I powered through a week’s worth of it before finally complaining, and to the credit of Huel, they sent me a new package, saying that their product definitely should NOT taste like fish. And they were right of course! The second batch of vanilla v1.1 they sent was great! I tried the other flavors and liked them as well.

Fast forward and I recently bought my first batch of 3.0 and my first batch of Huel black. I’ve opened and tried the Vanilla Black edition and the chocolate v 3.0 and…well, the 3.0 doesn’t taste nearly as good to me as the V1.1, but it does taste like an intentional product.

However, the Huel black, again, tastes fishy. It doesn’t smell as bad as my first batch of Huel V1.1 tasted before it was replaced, but I get this fishy undertone that makes it very difficult to drink. I tried using flavor boosts, but they’re ineffective. I tried using stevia and cinnamon, but that just makes it taste like sweet fish. Am I going insane? Is it possible for me to get two bad batches? Or perhaps this time this is the intentional flavor and I’m just reacting poorly to it?

Thanks for any feedback.

I’ve personally never had this issue but perhaps I’ve been lucky with my batches (or just getting normal ones).

I absolutely love huel black - vanilla and chocolate. I’ve now had two bags of each and have had no weird taste. Maybe it’s like the brussel sprouts thing, some people love them, and some can’t stand them. I wonder if there is just something in Huel Black that your taste buds don’t agree with.

I was thinking it may be something similar to how different people taste cilantro. To some it tastes like soap. Maybe there is an ingredient in Huel that some people detect as fishy.


I would consider this except that with V3.0, and with my second batch of V1.1, as well as with all chocolate flavors, I don’t taste fishiness.

Does it taste like catfish?

Cuz I love me some catfish! :yum: