Huel Sample Question

Is it possible to get a sample of powdered Huel prior to paying for a subscription?

Not really. You can buy the two bags without committing to a subscription and then opt to a subscription afterwards if you like it. I think you can even “cheat” by subscribing and then unsubscribing (not sure on that).

If you want a real sample, you might need to rely on the mercy of fellow Huelers. A good Samaritan might provide you with what you ask (unfortunately, I don’t live in the US, so I can’t).

errr,… he doesn’t want an anonymous “good Samaritan” to send him an unmarked powder in the mail. Not exactly safe. No way to verify what he’s getting is legit.

He’ll just have to bite the bullet and order two bags. If he absolutely doesn’t like it, he can contact customer service to see what options are there for returning the unopened bag.

Keep in mind that not all of us loved Huel on the first sip. It sometimes takes a few servings to get used to it and once you do it’s a great product. (IMO)


I would trust you :grin: