V2.0 Ready-to-drink - now in the USA - 4 additional flavors! 💥

HUELIGANS, finally our RTD v2.0 is here in the US Of A! :tada:

Hope you are fired up because I sure am! We’ve created a new RTD formula to sit alongside our current RTD v1.0. We’re hoping it gives you more choice in flavors and also more choice based on your preference of ingredients - let me tell you a bit more!

v2.0 comes in 4 new flavors!

:strawberry: Strawberries Shortcake

:candy: Salted Caramel

:cake: Cinnamon Roll

:coffee: Iced Coffee Caramel - with 65mg of caffeine per bottle

(if you saw us launch this across the pond a month or 2 ago, you’ll see the names vary, but the flavors are the same!)

Here are the key differences between v1.0 and v2.0


  • v2.0 has 22g of protein (compared to 20g in v1.0)
  • we’re also using hemp and pea protein (instead of brown rice and pea protein in v1.0)
  • Hemp protein is a really cool ingredient as it has an even lower environmental impact than rice protein, it can grow quickly in lots of conditions and is naturally pest-resistant, so uses little or no pesticide

Natural vs artificial - v2.0 is naturally sweetened with stevia and organic coconut sugar, whereas v1.0 uses sucralose. We know that some of you don’t like sucralose so, like with Black Edition, we have given you the choice between them

  • You will be able to buy either v1.0 or v2.0
  • We have a variety box of v2.0, so if you want to try all 4 flavors you can
  • We will be putting single v2.0 RTDs in the ‘add more to your basket’ section of checkout, as well as in the account area

Excited for you guys to try it out as these are special😉


I just wanted to say thank you for creating a flavored Huel without sucralose that is not Huel Black. I will be stocking up on this in the future.

Do you still (/did you ever?) have the single bottles available for purchase? I don’t see them in the samples section.