Huel “Mass Gainer”?

Looking to see if anyone had an recipes/experiences with using Huel and adding ingredients to turn it into a mass gainer for strength training/heavy lifting.

Appreciate you guys

I haven’t, and some people report noticeable increase in flatulence with more than 2,500 kcal/day from Huel. Not sure if that has to do with the sucralose in the Huel White, or something else may be affected by each persons’ physiology.

But the good news is your type of question is why I wrote the Custom Huel Kcal Calculator. You can use it to set your target body weight and kcal intake/day, then adjust the amounts (serving sizes) and timing of your meals (and what you eat). My calculator is preloaded with a few choice ancillary food items including pea protein, rolled oats, extra fiber, omega-3s and MCTs.

Considering you’re making a weight gainer I’d suggest swapping out the desiccated coconut for a plant or animal-based milk to boost your kcals without adding more solid food. All you would do, and this is true for swapping any food item in my calculator, is type in e.g., Oat Milk (it’s better for the Earth than water-hungry almond trees) in place of Desiccated Coconut and then input the milk’s carbs, fats, and protein (leave zero for fiber) in place of the Desiccated Coconut specs.

Then just adjust the severing sizes (grams) and timing and number of meals per day to meet your RDAs (e.g., for fat) and target kcal/day.

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You could add protein powder or pre-workout if you wanted. Using milk instead of water would bump up the calories and protein too.

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I have seen tremendous growth and definition while using HUEL. Here is what I have experienced and what I do. Every morning I am looking for around 300 cals. so my breakfast is one scoop HUEL + one scoop Protein + Starbucks via all together in one shaker bottle. Drink that on the way to work. For lunch I do a 2 scoop 400 cal Huel and about a 2 mile walk on the greenway. Dinner I have been still eating healthy but solid food no Huel. With this combination along with exercise I am seeing way more definition and really appreciating my body. With that said, it took some time. I used Huel for about a year before I really started to see anything. My weight is totally under control and I feel stronger in the gym. Nothing has even come close to working as well as this has. Oh and the flatulence has subsided the more my body got used to HUEL. No more farts.

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