Custom Huel Kcal Calculator

I’ve been using Huel for months. I use Huel Black and White and I have experienced great results. But as someone who likes to optimize and customize, I wrote this spreadsheet today with basic functionality (for now) allowing a user to customize their daily calorie intake. If there’s interest I’m happy to share. There is room for many new features and data points but I doubt I’ll add them any time soon - if anyone here improves the spreadsheet please share your work :slight_smile:

Custom Huel Kcal Calculator v1.0

That’s a Google Drive link to an editable version on the cloud. That way people can use the spreadsheet from anywhere and on any device. I locked it down so only the input cells can be edited. The spreadsheet can be downloaded and then modified if anyone wanted to make changes.

When I make shakes I use only water, but I am aware many people use animal or plant-based milk. I didn’t include the Kcal from the liquid part of the shake because people use so many different types. I could easily add a database of liquids and a selectable-dropdown menu to include their Kcal if there is a lot of interest in this spreadsheet and requests for such a feature. That said, it’s simple to edit this spreadsheet and add new food items - e.g., replace Desiccated Coconut and its nutritional profile with that of Milk.

Another option worth adding if many people use this work is weight to volume auto-conversion, accounting for the effect of temperature on specific gravity. That way users won’t have to weigh liquids, they can just measure their volumes.

Regarding the RDA of fat and protein, cells G33 and H33 respectively, fat is based on the “Target Kcal/day” the user enters in cell C5, and protein is based on the user’s bodyweight entered in cell C4.

If anyone thinks of really useful features to add, or problems they find, I’m happy to add them and fix them.

Forgive if I’m missing a step, but currently the spreadsheet is not in a downloadable format and only in an image as I see it.


Really cool @Grizzle!

@Justin_Keikhlasan - can click the link after the Grizzle’s first paragraph to access the doc

Thank you, I hope you find it useful.