Experiencing weight gain

Hello there. I have been taking Huel for roughly 90 days or so now and I am experiencing weight gain. I take it twice per day, I eat healthy plant based snacks in between and usually a very balanced cooked veggie meal and drink looks of water. I workout maybe 4-5x/week. Prior to Huel I lost 40 lbs going vegan and conditioning daily. With substituting Huel for my meals I have noticed small increments of weight gain and now I’m almost 10lbs heavier in the last 90days than when I was just cooking my own meals. What is going on? Can anyone share if they are experiencing the same thing?

I am wanting to start exercising/working out soon. I use Huel one or two times a day… I hope to lose a little fat while gaining some muscle… Huel is so nutritious!

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90 days and 10lbs is not that much, but I understand that is not a trend you want to see. Many other factor could influence but with so few details is hard to know.

Do you weigh in regularly? Has it been a gradual increase?
Do you have an idea of how much calories you eat now vs before?
Part of it could be lean mass gains as well if you have kept exercising. If you were not having enough protein or calories before you might have been restricting yourself from needed nutrients.

Do you feel fatter (besides of seeing it in the scale)?

I would recommend taking a picture now and kept going with the normal routine, but tracking your calories, for you “to gain an understanding” of the situation.

I def feel fatter. I can feel the bloating all day, I can feel the change in clothes. I know 10lbs in lbs in 3 months isn’t huge but as stated prior to Huel I lost 40lbs just with better eating and exercise daily. I adopted Huel because I saw a system that could be more effective than me making each and every meal. I have taken other supplements before such as “Garden of Life” and “Vega One” , both I thought was great. The only think I could imagine is maybe I’ve developed a Gluten allergy and it’s experiencing me to remain bloated and begin regaining weight. I just changed my auto ship with Huel to just be the Gluten Free option. That’s all I can imagine it could be, as I eat very clean and I exercise regularly. Only think different in my eating is Huel.

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Not much I can think of. Good luck!

Hey @Jmak! Do you know how many calories you were consuming before starting Huel? The most simple explanation is that you are now taking in more calories than before. I’d also recommend using a food scale to weigh out 127g of Huel for your servings as a way to make sure you’re being accurate with your 500 calorie meals.

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We won’t be able to answer this question since there are so many variables to consider. How much total Huel you’re using on average. Your energy expenditure. The timing of the meals (spaced evenly apart or intervals of fasting?). Things added to your Huel. Were you on a low carb diet before Huel?

If the pants fit tighter, then at least some of of the weight is a true fat gain.

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I’ve gained 10 lbs in 3 months of Huel almost exclusively, 2 scoops 2x a day, with intermittent light, healthy snacks. I thought for sure the caloric intake was less than what I was consuming before.

I’m so bummed because I love the taste, convenience and balanced nutrition.

I’m’ going to attempt to scale back to one scoop 1x a day with no snacks as I’m not terribly active.

Have you been tracking your calorie intake at all?

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No, I got Huel because my eating has been near- disordered . I used to water and/or juice fast obsessively, quit doing that because I’m very petite (under 5 ft and 98-105 lbs depending on diet/lifestyle) and I got down to a scary low weight. Then I started binge eating last year so my clothes would fit again, rapidly gained and now my metabolism is hitting a wall with age as I get closer to 40, so I switched to Huel to address those issues. I know the calorie amount in each scoop so I guess I just have to reduce intake and exercise more.

It is a bit of trial and error, our basic guide might help you on this: https://huel.com/pages/guide-to-fat-loss

You know your mind and body better than anyone else so just make sure if you are tracking your weight etc that it doesn’t negatively affect your mental health.

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