New to Huel - How much should I take Daily as an avid exerciser

I weight 215 pounds. I’m 6’2”. About 14 percent body fat. I’m muscular and would describe myself as a heavy lifter. How much Huel should I do daily if I’m only doing Huel and water for a month and I’m trying to lose weight but not too much muscle?

There is no definitive answer. Huel is food. Food is calories. Use it as you see fit.

I am a bodybuilder. I lift weights in the gym 5 days a week. I eat 3000+ calories a day. I use Huel to boost me to that goal. How much Huel I consume day-to-day depends on how much I am eating outside of Huel.


There’s probably not a single answer for this. There’s almost no way to know exactly how many calories of energy your body will burn in a day, especially since a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff is handles by hormones and the autonomic nervous system. I mean, the 115,000 heart beats each day probably comprises a good percentage of our daily calorie needs, and it goes whether we are exercising or asleep.

If you are consuming only huel, there is a very good chance you will either be very insulin sensitive or will become quite insulin sensitive. In other words you’re not going to have problems like insulin resistance, leptin resistance, glucagon like peptide resistance, etc. your body will be utilizing nutrients appropriately and properly controlled by your hormones. So, you will just naturally eat as much as you feel you need. If you undereat, you will become a little sluggish and hungry and then we’ll compensate. people run into problems when they have hormone resistance and they are hungry despite the fact that they don’t actually need more food. That is the true source of obesity.

do you know if there is any link to people using exercise enhancers (energy drinks, steroids, etc) and trying to maintain or gain mass via exercise and consuming products like Huel to meet their goals?
would the use of enhancers to gain pumps at the gym negate the use or potential benefits of using products like Huel?!

This post had me cracking up. That you’d lump an energy drink in the same category as anabolic steroids.

I don’t think there is going to be any way to answer a question like this. These things are so heterogenous and depending on the person and numerous variables. But I imagine there’s no logical reason that using Bang energy drink (which I do not recommend) or a pre-workout would negate or interfere with anything in Huel.

Huel is just food that happens to have a significant amount of protein, and thus could be used by someone who is trying to gain a lot of muscle mass.

I guess I’m getting old. When I think of exercise, I intentionally try to keep my weights low enough to avoid long-term stress on joints and connective tissue and minimize any injuries. Also if I limit my exercise, I limit how hungry I get throughout the day. I used to exercise up to 3 hours a day. It’s annoying AF to be hungry every few hours. And plantar fasciitis is really annoying.

Right. I was thinking about the guys in the post, talking about heavy lifting regularly, probably use supplements to increase gain. I don’t, as you could tell, I just thought if there was some interaction between supplements and products like Huel you might be able to make the info available. I’ve seen that you’re pretty active on the forum and thought you might have something to share. Beast mode activate…


Not sure if you’re tracking your macros, but if you do, take Huel’s macros into consideration when adding huel to your diet. Including fiber, the macros in Huel are 40:30:30.

I have decided to stop bulking and give cutting a try for the next 3 months. The macros in Huel don’t work for me. I am looking for a 40:40:20 diet. So I have beat it with this hack.

50g Huel
40g Oat flower (I make my own. Take oatmeal and blend it into powder)
31g of whey.
500ml(16.9oz) of water.

This gives you a 42:38:20 macro blend. You get
Calories: 455
Carbs: 47
Protein: 43
Fat: 10

The servings can be adjust to increase the shake from 455 calories and still keep the 42:38:20 blend. If you take the time, you can also adjust the oats and whey to get the even 40:40 split. I just don’t worry about the 2%, especially since my calculations are based on serving sizes. (40g of oatmeal = 1 serving. 31g of whey = 1 serving. 50g of Huel = 1/2 serving).

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