Huel Loaf? Bigger version of Huel Bars

I recently purchased some Huel bars, just to try them, and I have eaten a huge number of them in the past 24 hours. They are great!

However, it certainly seems that the amount of waste per calorie is much greater with the huel bars than with the powder, which I also love.

SO HERE’S THE IDEA: Huel should make much BIGGER versions of the bars, big & fat, like 2000 calories each–a huel LOAF. That way there’s less packaging per calorie. People can take slices out of the huel loaf and eat it like a bar.


We love the suggestions! We created the bars more of a snack option since that is what most people prefer when on-the-go but we will look into your suggestion as well!


Let’s add Huel Ramen to the mix!


Ewww, let’s not. Please.

Lol… Hey, it’s your opinion, thank you for sharing!

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I’d be cool with 400 kcal bars for sure!


Sometimes you get sick of the powder and you just want to chew your food. That’s whats best about the bars. The new savory foods also help.


There’s been lots of people that have posted Huel pastry recipes in the forums. You should check them out!


We like to hear it! That is what we are hoping that our Hot and Savory brings to the table :blush: