Huel ice cream flavored sexy breakfast drink

For breakfast this morning i was going to make a chocolate shake, throw in 2 tbs of peanut butter powder…and i got to thinking (this is post-workout) that i could throw a scoop of protein-based powder in there. WHY NOT?! so this is how i built my shake:

2 scoops chocolate Huel
2 tbs peanut butter powder
1 scoop plant protein powder
17 oz cashew milk

i’ll be a monkeys uncle if this didn’t taste exactly like an ice cream shake! nice and rich, the flavor was velvety smooth. if this is something you might like to try, i didn’t exactly use 17 oz of cashew milk, it was a little more to compensate for the added protein powder. not much, maybe 1 or 2 more oz.
hit the spot. simple to make. enjoy