Huel is like cheating

Hey all,

I’ve been using Huel for more than 3 months now, and I can definitely say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I did a lot of research before I decided to commit (I’ve never tried any meal replacements before), and when I received my first order and tasted I was surprised that the taste was very tolerable. I tried blending my Huel to make it smoother, but after the first mess I made, I decided to ditch that! By adding a bit of salt and cinnamon, and with some decent shaking, Huel goes down easily and is quite pleasant. I mix a scoop in with my morning oatmeal, use four scoops for lunch, and sometimes use it to replace my dinners when I’m busy–which happens often!

But by far the biggest impact on my life is being able to attain the impossible college trifecta-- having food that is healthy, cheap, and convenient. The macro split is perfect: in the three months I’ve been using Huel I’ve maintained my body weight while dropping my body fat % from ~18 to ~12. I’m a lot more comfortable with my body now, and I’ve never felt healthier or more confident :smile: ! As someone who previously ate poorly and exercised little, this lifestyle change has definitely made me a lot happier and has helped with anxiety.

I also just love how easy Huel is for saving time. I’m a slow eater, and between travel, ordering/preparing, and eating, meals have always taken big chunk of time out of my day (and not to mention money!). As someone who is very busy, this is a HUGE sell. It’s a ridiculously fast preparation, and I don’t have to leave the library or make a mess to eat. Although I do have a worry that the shaker will open up and explode in my backpack, but that hasn’t happened yet :flushed: !

As for cons, I have been fortunate to not have had the issues that other users have in terms of shipping, taste, and flatulence.

I say that Huel is cheating because I have a huge advantage over my peers. With money saved and the improvement in health, I don’t feel guilty going out on the weekends. I also can get the same work done, avoid skipping meals (there’s no excuse now! Too busy? Just pound some Huel!), and make it to bed at a reasonable time. My routine has definitely improved, and Huel has been an essential part of this!

Have a good day all!


Awesome sauce! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve used Huel to cheat at work for the last 9 months. Very convenient.

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I totally understand what you mean! I feel so happy to have found Huel (very randomly too), as it is exactly what I wanted but didn’t know yet existed.

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