Huel for endurance activites


Does anyone have any experience of using only Huel products for big endurance activities?

E.g. ultra marathons (over 50km), 12 hour+ races, multi day run / cycle activities.

Is it feasible? Will it have an adverse effect? I’m keen to test this sort of thing out and push Huel to their limits.

To prepare for or to use during?

During a race you want something that will absorb quickly and completely. Huel is rather low GI and has plenty of fiber, so it fails in both of those categories.

It might be something nice to have as a mid-race snack (to replace a bag of crisps or a candy bar or something) but I wouldn’t fuel with it.

I wouldn’t use it for a post-race recovery for stage races as you want something that’s gonna absorb as quickly as possible during the 2-ish hour window your body is most rapidly restoring your glycogen stores. After that 2-hour window I think it could work fine.

We have an article that provides some info on this Dan.

Jim has provided some good advice but I would actually say you can use Huel to refuel. It’s not going to result in such slow absorption that it can’t restore your glycogen stores adequately after a race. For example, wholemeal pasta is also fine despite the low GI.

If you are after something which has a bit of a higher GI (but still low) then the Huel Bars may be suitable for you.