Huel Essential - More Flavors?

Will the Essential powder ever get any other flavors? I’m bummed I can’t have any of the other versions due to some of the ingredients aggravating my GERD and histamine levels. It’s also the same thing with the bars :frowning:


Hey - Welcome to the US forum!

At the moment we have no plans for expanding the range, but if this is something we explore in the future what kinds of flavors would you like to see? I can pass any suggestions along to the product team for consideration :smile:

My guess is that it will be discountinued as it does not seem popular enough.

There is also no plan to discontinue the range at this time :blush:

I would personally love to see at least 1 savory option for Huel powder (preparable via shaker, so the hot and savoury meals fit a slightly different niche). I’ve so far only had Black Edition (Original on the way for my next shipment), but I find myself consuming the most Huel via the U/U BE with chicken bouillon or with steel cut oats as a savory oatmeal using tomato soup, cream of mushroom, or (again) chicken bouillon.
I love the wide potential for culinary creativity enabled by U/U Huel, so I wouldn’t ever want to see that leave, and it might not be fiscally feasible to make a savory Huel due to everyone’s specific needs - but that is specifically my most common Huel use case scenario.

Hi there @apostolate ! I’ll happily pass the suggestion along. Is there a specific flavor suggestion you were thinking of, or just a savory shakeable option in general?