Huel does a good job of managing my hunger

I’m a “successful” roller coaster dieter. I’ve lost (and gained) over a hundred pounds over 4 times, going from fat to fit and back again.

My own terrible issues with food aside, when I’m dieting, I’ve found huel satiates me better than any meal plan I come up with for myself. I still get the hunger pangs, but I don’t get ravenous. Huel is truely well balanced with spot on macros and ingredients. I’m not sure what aspect of it is responsible, but whatever it does for my body, my body likes.

Drank huel for ~1 year the other year after switching from a different brand. Starting another journey now and looking to once again drop 100lbs.


So happy to hear that Huel is working out for you! Keep us updated on your Huel journey! You got this. :slight_smile:

You won’t get updates, but Huel is worthy of the occasional positive testimonial.

May your market share forever bloom.