Huel Daily Greens Bottle

Does anyone else have problems with the Huel Daily Greens bottle? I find that the liquid gets all over the threads after shaking (which I have to do every time I take a drink since it separates so quickly), so every time I drink from the bottle it, I drip green Huel on my face and shirt :joy:. I’m hoping a new daily greens bottle will come out that doesn’t have this issue.

I might start using my normal Huel bottles instead, even though they don’t have the convenient measure on them.

Hi @EthanSpitz this doesn’t sound right at all! Could you please email with your most recent order number so we can sort out a replacement bottle for you?

Mine is similar, but I’ve gotten used to it and when I use the bottle I’ve always got a napkin nearby to wipe down the threads. The difference is that rather than actual drips, the threads on the bottle are wet, but not quite to the point of dripping.

From what I remember, the bottle didn’t have any issues for a week or two, but started to have a bit of liquid buildup after that.

Sorry to hear this! If you can also email with your order number our customer experience team would be happy to assist with a replacement.