Huel - Coffee & Banana, what’s your fav?

Absolutely LOVE Huel. Coffee & Banana are my go to’s but I enjoy all of the flavours. Huel shakes are a part of my daily diet routine. I’ve used this brand for just over a year not and wouldn’t look elsewhere.


good combo right there yo

I’m a newbie to Huel been on the fuel for 4 days. I’ve tried fresh Banana and Strawberry which was good. I’ve had fresh Blackberries and Raspberries with vanilla Huel and that was good. This morning I had some Pluots and a Nectarine threw them in a blender with Vanilla Huel and it was the best so far. I’m doing intermittent fasting and having Huel as my brunch meal then having a normal dinner. So far so good.