Huel caused Body oder?

Hey Guys,

Recent Hueligan, and I love it. I am a pretty big guy, 6’6’’ and I eat A LOT. Huel has been a great way for me to snack without breaking the bank, and when otherwise I would just miss a meal. I also get very hangry, so my wife appreciates me being easily appeased with a Huel shake!

That being said, has anyone noticed an increase in BO when on Huel? I first noticed it a few months ago. I would smell literally right after I got out of the shower. At first I thought it was my soap, but I switched that up, and still had issues. I have very good hygiene, and was washing very thoroughly. I use a Thia salt crystal instead of deodorant and it has never let me down, but recently I have had to go back to using old spice (which I would prefer not to use for multiple reasons) and I think it is the Huel.

To strengthen my suspicion, I just got back from a 2 week trip where I didn’t consume Huel at all. I also had no issues at all with BO. Huel was really the only variable eliminated. Today, after 2 days back drinking 2 full servings a day, along with other food my BO is back.

I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue? More importantly, does any one know what type of foods, to add to a diet to mitigate the BO if it is indeed caused by the Huel?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!

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Maybe your sense of smell is improving? Or maybe you’re detoxing some things when you replace other foods with huel.

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I was thinking the same thing. As if his body is detoxing off something…

Hi JP! Have you increased or decreased any other foods or beverages you consume daily aside from Huel during this time?

Another thing you may want to consider is if you have been switching back and forth between forms of deodorant as this can sometimes cause body odor and depending on when you changed over to using a more natural form of deodorant, this could be something to consider, too!

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I recently started going 100% BE Huel, my office mates and I will be “looking” for the potential of BO, they will let me know for sure if its a thing haha

Foods do increase BO, but so does lifestyle - maybe you’re more stressed when you come back? Doesn’t sound like it, as otherwise you’d know. I wouldn’t know without knowing which type of Huel this one is though.