Huel Black side effects?

Hey all - I’m fairly new to Huel. I got my first Huel Black order last month. I slowly started to incorporate it into my day at breakfast, and then after about a wk and a half I started having it for Breakfast and Lunch. Once I started having it at both breakfast time and lunch time I started noticing that I am so thirsty all day long and that my thirst isnt quenched no matter how much water I drink (and I drink a lot throughout the day). I also have a taste in my mouth (almost like a film in my mouth but not (if that makes any sense), and I’m assuming this has to do with being so thirsty) - No matter how much I drink, brush, and gargle it is still there - I’m just curious, is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else? Could it have anything to do with the flavors I started with (Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel). My next order is shipping out on the 20th and I switched to Chocolate and Coffee but I’m curious if this will happen with these flavors as well? I really am enjoying having Huel in my life, I’ve lost 5 lbs this past wk and it has been great, but I dont know if I’ll be able to keep it up if I’m always this thirsty.

I only use regular Huel and not the black so I can’t attest to the differences, but I actually don’t drink anything while on Huel. It doesn’t just keep my hydrated, it keeps me super hydrated. My pee is as clear as the driven snow and frankly I have to go more often than I care to. Granted, I use a 330ml per scoop mixture. I cannot tolerate the recommended 250ml per scoop. It tastes like pancake batter to me, it’s tough to get down. At 330ml and 8 to 9 scoops per day I am getting more than the recommended 8 cups of water a day. Maybe try more water in the mixture. It will go down easier and taste smoother.

I am by no means an expert, but I believe from research that increased thirst can be a side effect of ketosis. It is possible that by using the Huel Black your carb intake is very low and you have entered ketosis. I am not sure if that is accurate, but just based on theories I have read about nutrition. I just started yesterday, so I may end up in the same boat! Best of luck in your personal goals!

Hey @KelliM - welcome to the Huel forum! :grin:

If it’s alright with you, I’d like to learn a bit more! Has this ever happened before? How are you making your Huel? What kinds of things were you typically consuming prior to Huel and what does a typical day look like in terms of foods/drinks?

Hi Charlotte, @Charlotte_Huel Thank you for asking, I don’t mind at all! I mix it with water, except one day I mixed it with black ice coffee. I do 2 scoops with 17 ounces of water. I’ve been having them for breakfast and lunch and I don’t eat or drink anything before my breakfast one. Between breakfast and dinner I drink a lot of water and 1-3 cups of coffee (although as of late it’s only been 1 because I’m so thirsty and coffee doesn’t help at all). After my lunch shake I drink a lot of water until dinner. Dinners can range from anything like Tofu and Falafel to steak tips and chicken. We don’t use a lot of salt as one of my family members has high blood pressure. Usually I have Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans at some point during the wk occasionally some rice or bread throughout the wk. One of the days if I’m hungry for a snack I may have a small flour tortilla with crunchy peanut butter or some walnuts and semi sweets (these may be at night around 8ish) - I hope I covered everything. Please let me know if I missed anything or if you have any more questions.

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Hey Kelli! Thanks so much for getting back to me - what were you typically consuming during the day prior to Huel and has this ever happened before?

Hi Charlotte @Charlotte_Huel - Bagel, egg sandwich, or smoothie made with Coffee, Frozen cauliflower, banana, chia seeds and almond milk some kind of snack like granola bar or igrapes and very similar dinners to what I have now, and the same veggies but a lot more pasta and bread and unhealthy snacks in between

Hey Kelli, in a healthy person with no prior medical conditions, one thing to consider may be the change in dietary intake and the lower carb intake when consuming Huel Black Edition for two meals in place of the foods you mentioned you were consuming previously.

As you mentioned that you did not experience this when consuming Huel once per day, and it only started after having Huel twice per day, it may be related to the above. Though, if it continues or gets worse, it would be best to check in with your medical provider who would be able to look into this further. Have you tried going back to having Huel once per day and do you find it goes away?

@Charlotte_Huel - I’m sorry for not responding sooner (somehow I missed your reply) - On Friday I actually decided to go to real food for each meal and keep it through the wknd because I couldnt take being so thirsty anymore and I wanted to see if it would help. I ate fairly healthy, most of the stuff mentioned previously and it did seem to improve but not entirely. I still have that kind of filmy mouth and thirsty but not as thirsty. I had cottage cheese for breakfast and I am having a shake now for lunch. I’m drinking my peanut butter that I got in my first shipment but my second shipment is on the way and I’ll see if there is any difference with the different flavors. I dont think I mentioned previously that I’ve had a constant headache for about a wk (including this wknd when I switched back to regular food) but I’m guessing that is part of the dietary change as well. If all continues with these changes I will stop using and will reach out to my doctor (hopefully it doesnt come to that I am really enjoying these shakes) - Thank you for all your help!! I will update you in a wk or so