Ordered Huel Black by mistake, how to incorporate?

So wanted to get back into Huel and got too excited that Black had no artificial sweeteners and ordered it, I really meant to order the unflavored version as I don’t want suraclose.

Anyway, it appears that Black isn’t supposed to be used 100%, for all meals of the day, which was my plan. So I am kinda confused now on what to do now. I also ordered Ample 400cal so I’m having that for breakfast or lunch, so if I have one meal a day of actual food along with the Ample, how can I incorporate black? Once I run out my plan is to order the unflavored/unsweetened v3 and go 100%, probably better not to go 100% right away anyway. Just really confused with all the amounts of protein and vitamins and when and how much to drink black? Please help.

Hey Jasper, Huel Black Edition, like the core Powder, contains all your vitamins and minerals for 2000kcal. So you can treat the two as the same for this.

They differ on the amount of carbs and protein to offer flexibility and something different for those that prefer different macros.

Huel Black Edition is 33% higher in protein, but this isn’t a problem. You can have Huel Black Edition whenever you like, just like the core Powders.

So it’s okay to go 100% Huel black

You could yes. However, as with all Huel Products they’re best to have for one or two meals a day plus a home cooked meal.