Huel Black Banana - tasteless


I just got an order of Black Vanilla and Black Banana.

The Vanilla tastes of Vanilla, as expected. However, the Banana doesnt taste of anything. I have never had these flavours before. Is this normal?


Sorry to hear that and have just dropped you a personal message to get more information on this order :pray:t3:

I am a very big fan of Huel white banana. Gave a try to huel black banana recently and it was horrible. It doesn’t mix well, I use Nutri bullet for blending but even that doesn’t help, The thick content stays below and a thin layer is floating on top. Had to throw the packet away as it was happening for every shake. Is it something different with banana black when compared to other flavors, never had issues with blending chocolate, coffee caramel, strawberry black etc,.

Just switched over to BE after consuming the WE for going on 2 years…
The WE Banana tastes like a fresh banana. The BE Banana tastes like a ripe one. Banana bread worthy.
Mine hasn’t been separating, or anything else, but WE is def where it’s at for this flavor. Maybe we got batches going bad. Hence the funny flavor on me and the strange mixability you have going on.
I’m not giving up yet. It’s just sitting on the back burner for now while other flavors are tested.
(By the by, I tried the h&s too this order…the curries are fantastic)

just received my first Huel order last week.
I got the BE banana and chocolate.
Haven’t tried the chocolate, but the banana seems very bland and tasteless, like others have mentioned.
I am wondering if I have some of the batch that has issues? I have nothing to compare it to, except the Soylent RTD banana which was very delicious.

@Domenique_Huel any chance you can look into my order?

Yes of course! Dropped you a personal message :relaxed:

received my replacement BE Banana yesterday.
there is a distinctly more banana flavor & sweetness in this batch, so something was definitely up with my first batch.
thanks Huel team for sending the replacement