Huel Banana flavor tastes terrible now what happened?

I was loving the Huel black banana until my most recent batch v1.1. It doesn’t even taste like banana any more…its so bland now…i might as well have gotten the unflavored/unsweetened huel if i wanted my huel to taste like this…why change something that was already great…anyone else have the same experience?

Hey @FortuneLord,
Do you think you could drop us an email to so we can look into it further for you :blush:

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I had a very similar experience recently. My newest Huel Black Banana tastes about 50-75% less like banana than I remember. But it’s been 1 month since I last had black Banana and I’ve only drank the new Banana once.

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ok, so after huel kindly reponded to my post, I sent them an email with more detail. They were excellent in getting back to me and resolving any issues i had with the current batch. I was heart broken when i first had this batch, because i thought that this change in flavor was intentional and was going to be the new banana flavor; i don’t believe that it was. They quickly sent me a replacement and even included flavor boosters to make it easier for me to finish the old batch. I only have one bag left because i was still consuming the bag that i was complaining about regardless of the lack of flavor. The health benefits outweighted the change in flavor, so it wasn’t as big of a problem as I made it out to be. I also ran into a post here that recommended solutions to the side effect of being bloated after drinking huel. It may be related to the low carb/high protein ratio in the huel black, so i dont believe huel has anything to do with that matter. Thanks huel team!

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This is interesting, because I just opened a new bag of banana (non-black, regular edition) this morning and it was almost completely flavorless. I also thought this must a new flavor tweak. It was a bummer. I guess I’ll contact support as well to see if this is something that affected the non-black edition as well. Prior to this, banana was one of our favorites.

I just switched to the BE for 1st time. This banana tastes ripe, where the WE tasted fresh.
Who knows. Was slightly deflated…

I like to mix my Huel banana with a whole banana in the blender. After leaving it in the fridge overnight it tastes wonderful, similar to banana pudding.