Huel berry flavor too acidic

The berry flavor tastes too acidic to me, it actually makes me take those pills to protect the stomach after a few days of use because it just hurts a lot.
The thing is that I received either by mistake or as a promotion a bottle of huel ready to take of the berry flavor. And it tasted really good, it was like a smoothie, not acid at all. So what’s the difference between the powder and the bottle, does Huel put anti-acidic in the bottle but not in the powder??

Heyo! The RTD and the powder do have different ingredients and manufacturing process, so there is a difference in taste. I don’t believe there is anything anti-acidic in the berry RTD–but I’ll tag @Dan_Huel for more confirmation there.

It shouldn’t at all. The flavorings are very similar between the two and nothing to cause this reaction. There’s no anti-acids in RTD vs the powder.

Taste is a personal thing, so I can’t really comment on that. Are you eating anything else over those few days which could cause issues?

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