Huel as part of BRAT/Bland diet?

Twice in the last year I’ve used Huel RTD as part of my second-day recovery from gastroenteritis, when one would normally be recommended to eat foods on the BRAT/Bland diet. This has worked out well for me as I haven’t had any trouble keeping it down, but I wonder whether Huel’s nutritionists have any insight into whether this is actually a good idea or whether I’ve just been lucky?

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I have to use BRAT a lot, because I’m very sensitive to taste and texture and Huel has been a godsend in that regard. Both the chocolate and vanilla are bland enough for me to drink them easily and I don’t get all bloaty from too much rice and toast.

Right now I’m on 2 huel drinks a day and using my third meal to try new recipes that I can tolerate.

Hi @JSchlackman - bad luck on having gastroenteritis twice in a year! :nauseated_face:

I’m not wholly a fan of the BRAT diet as there can be other useful post-illness foods plus it includes weak tea which isn’t recommended as hot beverages empty from the stomach more slowly than cooler ones.

Huel Powder and RTD are both good options for post gastroenteritis as long as you sip/consume them slowly and don’t gulp down. Flavours are not strong which helps and the electrolyte levels could be advantageous in both gastric emptying and rehydration.

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I’ve learned two important lessons from these incidents:

  1. Don’t eat shellfish at your father-in-law’s house
  2. Don’t have a 2yo child :grin:

I had certainly noticed that more practitioners are steering away from recommending the traditional BRAT diet, so good to know that Huel is another option to add. Thanks!

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