Huel And Goat's Milk?


Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Is anyone using goat’s milk in lieu of cow’s milk? A trusted Doctor friend was recently commenting on the subject, and how it processed more easily in the body. It’s thicker too; so, some adjusting with water may be needed. Thoughts? Experiences? Recipes? Thank you! :wink:


Only water for me so far, but goat milk sounds like a good option…


We’ve never heard of anyone trying this @Andrew_Goodwin so let us know what you think!


Once I get to that point! HA! I’m only on day two of 100% Huel. But, I did see it on the shelf in Walmart, near the condensed milks.


Ah, if you’re only on day 2 then you’re probably figuring out how to whip up your Huel still!

Let’s save this goat’s milk concoction for a time in the future then. :yum:


It was just a thought that crossed my mind. I will try it eventually. And, yes… still acclimating to the product. I just saw your other reply; so, i will use those guidelines. I’m mixing two-scoops of the Vanilla into a 16.9 (500) bottle of water. I tried adding some instant coffee this morning. Needed sweetener. Cold-brew definitely sounds like the way to go! Thank you, Alex. :slight_smile:


Also, I’m finding blended to be more to my liking.