Huel and exercise

I am going to try to really start exercising on a regular basis. For those of you that already do, how long do you wait to exercise after drinking Huel? Huel feels lighter to me than a meal does. Do you wait the standard hour or so between Huel and exercise?

If I ever make real progress I’ll share more… heh :slight_smile:

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I usually like to wait an hour an a half or so. This also means that it will be abour 3h between meals, which works out fine for me. I guess you could do it even in a shorter period of time, but I am not particularly keen on having my stomach full while working out (more so for certain exercises).

It could depend on how you take your Huel.

I sip my Huel so my stomach is never full… but never feel hungry.

I wouldn’t be afraid to exercise at any time the way I take my Huel…

I also recommend waiting about 30 minutes or so. That’s my personal preference at least!

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It all depends on your exercise, how much Huel and what you’ve mixed with it.

I use 3 scoops and water and I wait about an hour if it’s gym work. If it’s heavy cardio like a run or HIIT training or if you are mixing with milk - I would wait 2 or more hours.

If you are having less than 2 scoops you can wait less time.

I drink my morning Huel at 6am and do my Metabollic hour-long classes by 630am and it has never an issue. I am drinking about a cup and half of Huel before my workout and another cup right after I complete my work.