How much calories in a scoop of Huel?

Hi everyone, I got my first order of Huel and I see that it says that 2 scoops of Huel is 400 calories which means a scoop of Huel is 200 calories but I was in touch with one of the Huel representative and I was told that a scoop of Huel is 150 calories. I read the nutrition facts on the bag too and it says 200cals per scoop so its really confusing. Can anyone clear it out for me? Thanks and have a great day ahead!

Hey there. One scoop is around 200 calories. If you need exact caloric amounts, use a food scale and weigh out 50g.

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It was around 150 calories using the old scoop (prior to December '18). If Iā€™m not mistaken, they still use the old scoop in the UK. Is it possible you got connected with a UK representative somehow?


Yeah just got in touch with one of the Huel customer representative and as you said I was talking with UK Huel representative earlier lol. They said they have different scoops for UK and US.