How to calculate daily plan

Hi everyone. I use Huel 3-5x wk for breakfast. I’m looking to use Huel throughout the day in an effort to lose weight. I noticed this in the summary of the Huel 5 week study:

The assessor provided each participant with a tailored plan of daily Huel ([EU v2.3]) Powder intake, with their allocated daily calorie intake calculated dependent upon age, height, weight, physical activity and any weight loss, gain or maintenance goals.

How can I calculate my own daily plan using these factors?

I used this to get my sustaining calories for the day, BMR Calculator

Then I went 500 calories below that. I use that as my target calories consumed for a day. The way I understand it, that will result in about 1 pound loss per week. If I exercise more often, I might lose more during the week.

Of course, I am no expert - so take that with a grain of salt. I can only give you my experience that has worked for me so far. Been on this plan for about 5 months now. I have lost nearly 30 lbs. For me a very long way to go to get to my target, but slow and steady is the best way.

I look up my BMR, and eat slightly above my BMR. My BMR is around 1900, I eat at 2,000 calories. Low physical activity. If I had higher physical activity I would eat at 2,500 calories.

From what I’ve seen myself, lower calories=/=faster weight loss. I tried lower calories before and it stagnated my weight loss and made it more difficult to lose weight.

Also, monitor your weight everyday and see what the trend is every week or two, and adjust as needed.

Not eating enough / low calories will damage your metabolism and you’ll put on weight faster and your body will want to hold onto your fat.