Lose Weight, Advice please (:

Hi everyone, I’m super excited as Huel will be my new go to, to reach my goal to lose weight, but any examples in how I should be taking the product so I can reach my goal? I weight 190 at the moment and wish to lose 60 pounds. Advise please (:

Step 1: Use a TDEE calculator to estimate how many calories your body needs to maintain its current weight.

Step 2: Consistently eat fewer calories than that. Eat 500 calories fewer than your TDEE every day and you’ll lose about 1lb of fat per week. Working out (resistance training) and getting enough protein in your diet will help to make sure that the weight you lose is mostly fat and not lean muscle–very beneficial but not necessary.

Huel is no different than any other food in this regard, except that it makes getting proper nutrition when eating a caloric deficit pretty easy. It also makes calorie counting dead simple. I hated counting calories, so I did intermittent fasting (water and black coffee for breakfast), 400 calories of Huel for lunch, limited snacking, normal healthy dinner. Lost 80 lbs in 10 months and maintaining easily for the past couple months.


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It’s all about eating few calories, and the right calories. 200 calories of oatmeal doesn’t have the same effect on the body as 200 calories of frosting for example. Likewise, 200 calories from virgin olive oil won’t have the same effect as 200 calories from common fast food frying oils. And most importantly, if you’re vegan, beware of incomplete proteins.

As someone else said, use a TDEE calculator, and please, be more than honest when answering the question pertaining to how active you are daily. Once you get your calorie goal, I recommend eating a little less than it. Like 200 or more less. If your weight drops too fast, add 100 calories and try again. If you’re still gaining at 200 under the TDEE, drop it by 100 calories and try again.

I use to do cutting and bulking cycles for the gym, using this technique, I dropped 20lbs in 2 months (174 down to 154) on my first attempt. (I was hitting the gym 6 days a week for bodybuilding, and some cardio, but that work was also reflected in my total daily allowance of calories).